Hey everyone, I’m sincerely sorry for being inactive and unresponsive lately. I’ve been delaying this blog post for as long as I possibly can but I think its now the right time to talk.

First off, I am not quitting cold turkey. It might have seemed that way but my absence has been due to other circumstances that I’m about to go into. I want to keep doing this tipping malarkey but recently I’ve had to figure out whats best for me.

Addiction is something that a lot of people don’t like to face. Especially online, I drink at the weekend with my friends but I’m not talking about addiction to alcohol. I’m talking something that I think a few more people can relate to. Gambling Addiction. Its a real thing and it affects everyone differently.

Unfortunately this is the core reason for my long and inconsistent absence/presence on twitter. If you follow my tips, you would know that I am always mostly in profit, my profit and loss sheets show and reflect that.

What I haven’t done is stick to a proper staking plan or even went against some of my selections in a heat of the moment type instance and seen myself lose. My life over the past few years has been deeply affected by putting gambling before my family and even using it as a last resort source of income. Just in March, I was going on a holiday with my girlfriend, I couldn’t stomach the fact that I had very little spending money to take, so I went online and started staking £100, £200 even £450 on single horses or more commonly in play football bets. The sad thing is that I never seemed to know when to stop and would ultimately end up out of pocket and in a really bad place. Having to take out loans or borrowing money from family members. Of course if I owed someone say £100, why not just put that £100 on a 2/1 shot and then I have their £100 back and then £200 profit! Oh the 2/1 came absolutely nowhere, well were do I go from here?

Luckily for me the last few months have been a lot better. I never put a single bet on through the whole of May or June and even before that I was coming to terms with the fact that I was an addict and had a problem. That was the biggest issue for me, I was in denial not wanting to face the facts. Of course my love for horses or football has never been affected by these habits but my commitment to running a gambling tips page had to go for at least a little while. Looking at horses every night, watching races, seeing slips my followers would send it to me. It all would entice me and give me a thought of going back in for that feeling of winning. It doesn’t take long to forget the feeling of a big loss and I always forgot time and time again the stress it would cause me every night.

As you might remember, I have tweeted out several times that I have been in hospital for illness and such over the past year. Mostly related to lack of sleep which is mostly related to stress. It all adds up. I was exhausted, trying to get tips out every night despite working 12 hour shifts, the feeling of letting people down if I never got them there tips. Only getting 4 hours of sleep a night. This is a completely separate issue from gambling addiction. This was a whole other addiction, I love the feeling of getting people winners, hearing people say that they are grateful for me being around. On the other hand there were the days I would lose, people throwing abuse at me. The days where I never got tips up and people would say they were disappointed or it just wasn’t good enough that I couldn’t get them up. Both of these mixed together created a weird mixture that would almost force me to put myself into slave mode and get tips up even if it meant not sleeping for a while. The excitement of getting a winner or the lows of getting a losing NAP. It wasn’t good for my mental health, I could easily say that it drained my love for the game, the feeling of tipping three or four losing NAPs in a row is indescribable.. knowing you’ve cost hundreds of people hundreds of pounds, potentially even more! It is anxiety educing.


So I had to put this out for you guys. I’m not abandoning you. I actually quite like you all. I’m trying to work on myself and the odd consequences of being an online tipster. No doubt I am not alone, there will be others that feel this way. I’m doing better, which is why I feel now is the right time for this post. HAFtips is kind of in the air at the moment, I have cancelled my subscription to the website, as of July 14th there wont be any website posts. Most of my tipping will be done on twitter, its an odd feeling at the moment, this is something I’ve dedicated 15 months of my life to but I can’t let myself slip into a place like I was again otherwise I might never get out. I urge you all to please gamble responsibly, share this blog post on twitter, if you need help I am always available on twitter through Direct Message. Alternatively has excellent advice and numbers you can call.

Thank you for reading. I’ll see you on twitter!



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