April Monthly Update!

As April begins to wrap up, it’s been a fine month of racing with Aintree, Cheltenham and the flat beginning to truly get going after the bad weather halted the start of the season at Redcar. I feel now is the right time for the monthly update!


Profit and Loss
Over the last week or so I have worked hard to try and put together as accurate a p/l sheet as possible. I hadn’t updated it in a while due to the disrupted meetings and the fact that there was a lot of days where I simply forgot to do so. I fell a long way behind and the multiples sheet still hasn’t been updated since February. I will be working on that in the coming weeks but there is a lot of data that has been lost over the last couple months so it will be hard to make a 100% accurate representation for the last couple months. This isn’t what I want, I’m working hard to fix it and from now on the P/L sheet will get updated every Sunday night to show the profit for the week. I’ve also started putting down the reasons why I miss some days tipping just for a bit more transparency.


Highlighted Singles
Back in November I had just introduced highlighted singles as a way to highlights seven of the best single tips every day, to make it easier for people to get involved with us that don’t necessarily have the bank or the desire to bet all races, everyday. It was a hit, turning profit and it was a generally liked concept at the time. However I stopped quite quickly because I underestimated the sheer amount of work that goes into doing seven in depth write ups every night before bed and eventually I got out the rhythm of doing things and it stopped and never started again.

I want to change this going into the flat season. I want highlighted tips to be a way of really digging deep into the best races everyday. It’s something that has been on my mind for a while and I will be working on it from now on. There will be changes to the format to try and make it less time consuming but you’ll see that in the coming weeks. Hopefully I can get these back up and running as they are a great platform to dive right into the best and most competitive races there is to offer.


Growth + Stability
In all honesty I am still recovering from what has been a far from perfect winter over jumps. It’s well known by now the issues I’ve had with meetings being cancelled and my lack of consistency and motivation during 2018 so far. I done a stat on twitter a few days ago and I have only tipped something like 70 days of the 112 that have been in 2018. Believe me it shows, in my growth, P/L and definitely in engagement on twitter.

Slowly but surely I am regaining a lot of stability and learning to work around my shifts at work etc.. I have high hopes for the coming flat season and one of my aims is to be more consistent by the time next winter comes around. I would also like to thank you guys for the continued support as after a rough couple of months I am starting to grow on twitter again at a decent rate and I am right back on track to my goal of 3,000 followers by 2019. It means the world when you like and retweet as it helps me a lot more than you could imagine.

A snapshot of 2018 so far!

A Wealth Warning!⚠️
As always when this time of the season comes around I advise everyone to be patient and to be more cautious with their hard earned cash. The start of the season can be rough, there isn’t much form to go off, horses aren’t fit, some trainers are getting runs into horses that should be winning but just aren’t fit enough and there will be a lot of outsiders/unknowns winning for the next couple weeks so just take that into consideration when betting. I try my best to make sure that I am only tipping horses that I think can win but even I get caught out quite a lot in the early weeks of the season.

We’re still doing well though.. a 16/1 and three 12/1 winners last week and we are in profit for the flat season overall so far which is a promising thing. The NAP & NB have been in good form and it will only get better as we get a feel of what horses and yards are doing well and I can begin to evaluate the form lines.


That’s all for this month anyway guys. It’s the Punchestown festival this week and then the jumps season finale at Sandown on Saturday, I think we all need a well deserved break from obstacles at least for a little while. Focus will be on having a strong end to the jumps and a consistent start to the flat. Also I will have been running this page for one year on the 29th of April so I will most likely be making a post for that!

Until then, I’ll see you on twitter!


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