February Update!

Hi all, I’m back with another update for the month. A bit earlier than I expected but I have some things to say that I’d like to tell you sooner rather than later. There’s plenty to get stuck into so let’s get straight to it.

A special thanks to all the kind people who have donated to me this month.

Tom Sim
Andrea Thrussel
Alex Simpson ➡️ @Al1884
Paul Baldwin ➡️ @Toshrav
Andy Cooper ➡️ @CoopsAJG
Jaun Genovard Marti ➡️ @Bambol2
Paul Healy ➡️ @Trucker_Paul

January Stats

Lets start off with how we done in January, you may have seen this already on twitter but it’s worth going over here. Something I’ll be doing every month on these updates is going over how I’ve performed in previous months.

January by all accounts was my worst month to date. It’s dissapointing that I have to say that but it’s also encouraging that despite this, I still came out and made profit. How much? £317 in total.. £133.50 from the singles and £183.50 from the Multiples. Not a massive amount at all but a nice little bit of profit to start the year. We are on course to better that in February so let’s hope we can keep it up.


Affiliates and Growth

For the past three weeks it might seem like affiliation is all I have been talking about. To me it feels that way to, but it ends here. I like to be honest and transparent with you guys and I value that higher than anything else. It’s no secret the stigma that affiliates have on Twitter and while I wasn’t doing it to negatively affect my followers, I will admit that the small cash boost I thought it would give me was a big factor when becoming patterned with BetVictor, but it most certainly was not the driving force behind it. Anyway transparency.. I have seen the negative affects of me becoming an affiliate far more than I have seen the positive. I will be absolutely honest and tell you guys that I made £7.50 from Betvictor. I got £2.50 every time someone signed up, in the same time period I lost almost 40 followers and endured some harsh abuse over direct message. It’s in my best interest and in yours aswell that I stop my affiliation instantly. The reward was nowhere near beneficial enough for me to be losing followers at such an alarming rate. I respect the decision of everyone that unfollowed, in a twitter world where so many tipsters are dishonest and deceptive, I strive to be the opposite. With that in mind I have cut all ties with Betvictor for the foreseeable future. No more affiliation.

That brings me to the growth section of this update. In January I gained 46 followers, which I was very pleased with considering how inconsistent I had been. In February I lost nearly all of those and I have seen my page regress. I am trying my best to continue to grow and hopefully I can have a better second half of the month and rest of the year. I’ll find a way to put myself back on an upwards curve, I’m sure of it. If you guys could share or recommend me to any friends or family that would be a massive help.


Cheltenham and The Future

Last month I talked to you guys about how my shifts at work were affecting my ability to be consistent (which is also a factor in why I have been struggling to grow) I  spoke to my boss about a potential shift change shortly after I posted that article and I am delighted to say that I will be starting a new shift as of next week. This shift is an evening shift and although it will affect my ability to watch the evening racing, it will greatly help with my consistency of updating the site and interacting on Twitter for the afternoon action. Also with this shift my day off has been changed from a Monday to a Friday which is great because Fridays racing is generally better than Monday, so I know have Friday, Saturdays and Sundays off, this is great for being able to really dedicate my time towards the weekend racing which is always the highlight.

Moving on. Cheltenham is coming up which I’m sure you all know and I am super excited to get stuck into the racing and provide tips. I will actually be at Cheltenham this year for the second time in my life so I’m even more excited for that and hopefully I can bring you guys some good photos, videos and maybe if I’m lucky a couple interviews with some people down there. Since I’ll be mega busy when I’m down there I want to get all my Cheltenham tips posted on the site in the next couple weeks. I will have full race breakdowns for all the races across the festival, these will obviously include 2/3 tips for you guys aswell. I won’t be abandoning the other meeting when the festival is on but if I am a bit late on posting those tips some days just be patient, they will be there eventually.

As far as the future goes, after Cheltenham the excitement is truly taken out of the jumps season, so I will just be looking forward to the start of the flat season at Redcar in April. It’s no secret my favourite code is the flat so I’m buzzing for that to get properly back underway and to hopefully make you guys a lot of money.



Starting in February I asked if you guys would be kind enough to donate to me every month. The way I worked this out is 1% of the total profit of the previous month, this way if I’m not doing so well then you won’t have to donate as much. Remember though that donations are always 100% optional, I understand that most people don’t like donating or simply can’t afford to. That’s fine, tips will always be free. There are some benefits to donating though, you will be recognised on these monthly updates (See Above), as-well as on twitter, plus I will give you a follow back on there and everyone that donates will be entered into an end of year giveaway of £75 free bets and tickets to a meeting of your choice. I’m trying to think of other benefits so if you have any suggestions let me know!


Thats is all for this month. I’ll see you guys on twitter, have a good one!


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