January Update!

Hey guys, from now on I will be doing a monthly update to keep all you guys in the loop and to put across some important points.

This one in particular will be an important update as there’s many things that I would like to speak to you about. So without anymore blathering let’s get into it.

Work, Schedule and Tips

Over the past month or two i’ve been working a new shift pattern. I start at 4.30am and because of this I can’t post tips the night before as I need to get an early sleep. This also restricts my ability to tweet throughout the day, I apologise for the lack of communication and interaction on Twitter lately it’s something that I’m trying to improve on and it should get better. In the future i’m changing my shift to a 4pm – 12am so I can be more active during the day on twitter and just miss the evening meetings. It’s not an ideal scenario but that’s how it is, I do have Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off so the weekends racing is still very much top priority. It’s not an ideal situation but until I can make this full time (if that’s ever an option) that’s the best I can do.

Revenue and Affiliation

Earlier in the month I posted an article about my intentions to make some return from this page. It’s not in a selfish way and I most certainly am not money hungry or anything like that, it’s just that I  invest a lot of time into this page and as much as I enjoy it, I would look to have some reward for my time.

Anyway I recently posted a poll on twitter asking if anyone would be willing to Donate £3 a month and a lot of people responded positively. I was very happy with this reaction and as always tips will be free and this is just a simple donation from goodwill. If you are at all interested in donating then I would appreciate it, my paypal link is here – https://www.paypal.me/HAFTips

On the note of affiliation. It’s a touchy subject and I tread carefully but I did decide to join BetVictor affiliates. I didn’t decide to join whoever, I genuinely enjoy the BetVictor app and have had an account for over two years. I won’t be spamming the links all over the place but again if you are interested in joining BetVictor my link is here – Bet 10 get 40 BetVictor Horse Racing – all you have to do is signup, Deposit £10 and You get £40 in free bets. After that you never have to use the account again if you don’t want too.

Profit and Loss

Finally I want to talk about my performance this month with my tips. January has been tough, I think for most people. A lot of meetings have been called off and there have been plenty days with next to no high quality racing. We are still in profit for January and the NAP, NB and Double have been performing well. However it still is probably our worst month yet. I am continually striving to improve the site, my twitter and the quality of my tips for a better overall experience. We will be back in February and I will be back this time next month with another update, hopefully with some more exciting news to chat about. Until then, good luck and happy gambling!

Cheers, HAF!


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