Revenue and Affiliations!

Here we go..

The dreaded word in the online tipping community, affiliates. Recently I have been considering dabbling in this side of the game. Hear me out though, I’m sure it’ll make some kind of sense.

For eight months now I have took 2+ hours out of mostly every night of my life to research and select tips, then update the website and schedule tweets for the morning time. Not to mention updating the P/L sheets and creating graphics for my page. Do I love doing this? Absolutely. I wouldn’t keep doing it if I never. However I have been thinking about trying to reward my time and it’s a difficult thing to get right. There isn’t many paths I can go down, there’s the paid tipster route which is something I would absolutely never do, I have a very strong stance against this type of page. The only other option is affiliates. They have a bad name in the community because of big pages trying to exploit them and I can completely understand that. However I’m not a big page, I know I’d be lucky if even one person used a link of mine. If I did go down this route I could promise you that I’d never change my values, never spam the links and certainly never try to exploit my followers.

I’m writing this to try and get a gauge on how everyone feels about this. I’m not going to do it if you guys would feel disrespected. It’s just me simply trying to reward my time with something in return. I hope you understand!

Until next time.



One thought on “Revenue and Affiliations!

  1. Hey. Personally i never click aff links, I have donated voluntarily to a paypal account of a tipster Ive had a good results with. Maybe thats something to consider?

    Keep up the great work.


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