Big Changes Coming!

Hello there,

it’s been a while since I sat down and talked to you guys and although I try my best on twitter, sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough to really have a good chat! So why am I deciding to post this article? Well you might have noticed that I haven’t been anywhere near as active on twitter lately and I greatly apologise for this. I mentioned earlier in the month that I was having a couple family issues but those are sorted now for anyone that was wondering. These issues did distract me somewhat from the page and that is something that can happen, after all life comes first ae! Also I am just one guy that runs this whole page.. Website, Twitter, Spreadsheet, Email.. the whole lot and since I make absolutely no income from doing this it can be hard to keep on top of it all, especially when you factor in Work, Family and many weekends down the pub!

All you guys need to know is that I am as dedicated as ever to give you guys high quality, profitable tips! If that sounds good then have a look below to see what changes are coming to the site!


New Improvements!

Challenge Page + Lay
New Page on the website that offers a recurring Challenge Bet, Lay of The Day, Banker + More!

Football Page
A new Football section on the website that offers Football tips if applicable. These tips will not be regular or even weekly but they will be there when’s there is something I fancy!

Big Race Previews
Racing is flooded with massive meetings and races and we don’t go in depth enough with our analysis, this is something we will begin doing very shortly. Only the best races will be featured here and it will include our selection and a run down of every runner!

Course Highlight
Every Week we will select one course from around the UK & Ireland that we will feature on the site. We will breakdown the advantages of the course, what to look out for, Jockey/Trainer form and more!

Betting For Beginners
What we will do here is explain every tip that we give and how they work. We also plan to do a bookmaker review for most major bookmakers so you can get the upper hand!

More Articles!
We have a lot of room on our website but never use it, from now on we will look to publish at least one article a week with our thoughts and opinions on the latest racing news or controversies!


Expect these changes and features to go live as soon as this week but it might take until the start of October for everything to be in full flow! That’s all from me today guys, don’t forget to check the rest of the site for today’s daily tips and I’ll see you on twitter!



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