July In Review

July kicked off another month of tipping here at HAFtips and in the end it turned out to be a good one, in this little article I’ll break it all down for you guys.


Twitter is the life blood of this tipping page, without it I would be no where. This month we went from 273 followers to 370.. so nearly 100 new followers! If we keep that up I’ll be extremely happy.

Website Growth

July was our first full month with the website and we got an impressive 7,177 views and over 1,150 different visitors. This is extremely good for us especially after having a two week holiday in the middle of the month.  I thank you for your continued support!

Now for the Tips portion of the article, the most important part of a successful tipster is profitable tips (duh) so let’s see how we got on. Please remember

NAP of The Day

The NAP ended July in £107.50 profit which is fantastic profit. The list of winners we landed are as follows.

Khamaary – £60 / Sebastian’s Wish -£52.50 / Indomeneo – £55 / Madeline – £50/ Welcome Ben – £55 / Wee Jock – £50 / Debonaire David – £65 / Sainted – £50

We Stake £20 on our NAPS and we tipped for a total of 19 days this month so we staked £380 on NAPS and got £487.50 in Return. We also achieved a 42% strike rate which is something we look to improve in August.

Next Best

The next Best Tip was a definite improver compared to last month. We ended July with a profit of £43. A decent profit but something that we will look to keep improving upon. The list of winners are as follows.

Seeyady – £60 / Hiorne Tower – £52.50 / Juliet Capulet – £50 / Finale – £45 / Skilled – £48.50 / Tea For Two – £60 / Braquer D’or – £42 / Don Valentino – £65 

We staked a total of £380 on the Next Best this month and in return got £423. We again managed to get a 42% strike rate with this Tip.

Win Double

The Win double started very promisingly in July with three landed in the first week but it came to a stand still near the end of the month unfortunately. We did manage to land 6 in the month which is a major downgrade compared to June but overall we did end in profit. We staked another £380 on the Win Double and in return we got £86, £44, £88, £65, £70 & £88 winners totalling £438. Giving us a profit of £58

Each Way Double  

The Each Way Double was actually a very good Tip this month and made by far the most profit of any Tip. We staked another £380 on the Tip and in return we got  £160, £738 & £104 winners totalling £948. Our overall profit for the month was £568

Win Acca

The Acca was a thorn in my side for July, we managed to land two in three days after the return from my break but that was it for a difficult month with this Tip. In total we staked £190 and in Return we got £123 back so we made a loss of £67. We will rectify this in August.


Finally we get to the singles, we’ve had some crackers this month with 25/1, 20/1, 18/1 and many many more big wins and obviously a lot of shorter odds also. In June we made a nice amount on the singles and July was no different. We managed to make a total of £1107 PROFIT this month on singles, with many big winners and consistent days. There was only one day this month when we didn’t make profit on the singles and we are very proud of that.

Total Profit

In July we had another very profitable month, long term profit and following all our tips is the key to being successful although I know it’s very hard for anyone to do that. Our grand total profit for the month of July was… £1816!!

I thank you all so much for another great month and I couldn’t do this without your help. Here’s too a successful August and another month of profit. A quick update for those asking for a full profit and loss sheet, it is currently in the works and should be available by sometime this month.




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