June In Review

June was a great month of growth here at HADtips. We gained over 170 new followers on twitter and published our brand new website.. it might not seem much but those are massive steps for me, I’m just one guy that loves horses and for me to have nearly 300 people talking to me everyday on twitter about my passion it’s remarkable.

Please Note all Data is from June 15th – June 30th. There was no data recorded before then for this month.. apologies.

Anyway onto the numbers and the tips themselves.. how did they do.

NAP of The Day – The NAP went on an infamous bad spell this month from the 21st of June until we landed one again on the 29th. That was 7 NAPs in a row we’d lost and all of them came second place, it was very frustrating for me personally. However apart from that spell the nap has been fairly consistent, and has still despite that hideous run of seven days, made profit. We staked a total of £280 this month with the NAP and ended up getting £282.50 in return.. not massive profit at all but still not a loss and that’s encouraging especially after that horrific dry spell we had.


Next Best – The Next Best is a tricky tip because it isn’t meant to be a banker.. and more often than not we went for quite large odds which is something than in retrospect has cost us this month.. in short the next Best was our worst performer of the month. In total we are -£103 with the next Best and will definitely look to rectify that within July.

Win Double – The Double is my favourite Tip to do and is unsurprisingly the best performing of the month, we landed 4/7 doubles last week and in return we have made good profit with the double. We staked £280 and in return got £518.. leaving us with a grand total of £238 profit. Excellent.


Each Way Double – The Each Way Double is a much similar story to the Double in that we tend to land the pretty regularly.. this month we staked £280 on the Tip and got £458 in return.. landing us a tasty £178 profit!!


Win Acca – The Acca was tricky to say the least this month.. hard to land but rewarding when they did boom.. we staked a total of £140 towards the Acca this month and in return got £174. The profit for the month stands at £34. We look to improve this is july.


Singles – Finally we come to the singles.. the backbone of our tips. This month was successful as ever and we made a whopping £1504 back on the singles, which is amazing for us here and we couldn’t be more happy to see our hard work speak for itself.


June in Summary – June was a very good month for us, more followers, the website being launched, Royal Ascot profit and in total a very respectable £1853.50 profit. We will add to this in July and we will continue to grow. For now all I can do is say thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you around in the coming months.


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