A Tough Ol Day.. Fridays Day In Review

After the highs of Thursdays mega profits we went into Friday expecting to replicate that form.. and to some extent we did. Back to back 9/1 winners was the highlight of a dullish day were there was plenty of winners but not so many at a high price, shorts odds Favourites flopped all day and continued into the evening. We did pick out some nice little wins though.. here is the full list.

  • Verena Opera (5/2)
  • Camillas Wish (11/4)
  • Happily (Evens)
  • Enter The Red (9/1)
  • Zeftan (9/1)
  • Clongowes (7/2)
  • Cannonball (7/4)
  • Learn by Heart (10/11)
  • Oriental Song (6/4)
  • Cartographer (2/1)
  • Cribbs Causeway (Evens)
  • Kinloch Pride – Place (7/1)

In total these singles returned a respectable £471 although we did need some help from the two 9/1s for that number.. We had 47 races today but we had 5 Non Runners with Munsab, Edged In blue, Art collection, UAE Prince & Magic Mirror all being ruled out. So in total we staked £420 which if you take that away from the returns we can calculate that we made a small but welcome £51 profit today with the Single Tips. At the end of the day, any profit is good for us.

So that was Friday and we hope we can get a bit better figures tomorrow, so we’ll see you then.


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